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This group is under the enthusiastic leadership of Ian Stuart-Hamilton.  His contact is

The outline for the group is for anyone who wants to use computers, smart phones, do internet shopping and banking etc without getting burried in jargon and being constantly worried that they will be the victim of cyber-crime.

The topics covered are the group's choice - anything connected with computing in particular and information technology in general is within the remit of this group.  No prior experience is assumed nor do you have to own a computer already.  We intend getting expert speakers to present talks on some topics.


Do contact Ian in advance of a meeting on the email above, or by telephone on 01873 830 472, but only, please, between 10am and 6pm.

Silver Servers' first session


Notes from meetings

Some notes from the meeting on 23 February.

Those for the meeting on 9 March.