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The U3A Art and Drawing Group meets at Gilwern Community Centre on the first and third Tuesdays of each month 2 to 4 pm.  We are all at different levels, from absolute beginners to those who have exhibited, and this mix of abilities gives each of us the opportunity to learn about and to discuss painting and drawing.   Some members prefer drawing with charcoal and others with pencils. Some of us prefer watercolours and others like pastels or acrylics. It is always interesting to see the different styles and techniques and to chat over a cup of tea. 

Hire of the room at the Community Centre means that we do have to make a small charge of 2.50 per afternoon per person but we think it is well worth it.

Lynda O'Keefe is the Art Group leader, and her email address is

We have had life drawings which have been great fun, and we are painting subjects such as flowers, fruit, plants, bottles and vases. A number of members bring along photographs they want to paint.

Autumn & Winter painting dates for 2019: 3 & 17 Sep, 1 & 15 Oct, 5 & 19 Nov, 3 & 17 Dec.

Using Mixed Media workshop
Sarah Hoddy, Chair of the Abergavenny Art Group, ran a workshop on 1 October in Gilwern for the U3A Art Group on the subject of Using Mixed Media.  The photographs illustrate the activity, and the workshop was much appreciated by members of the Art Group.

Wax Painting Workshop
This, one of the Group's recent workshops, was devoted to Wax Painting, led by Christine Williams.  Here are some photographs taken by Lynda at the workshop which was held on 2 April 2019.

These images taken during the wax painting workshop show Marilyne Tranter, Wally Daw, and Glyn Davies, under the watchful eye of Christine Williams.

The first Art Group Pastel Workshop
On 15 May 2018 the Group had a workshop run by artist, Brian Wheeler, on the use of pastels.  He took the group through the whole experience of producing a landscape, explaining at the same time how to use the medium.  The afternoon session of three hours was a huge success for all, opening up new possibilities for them.

Photo taken by Lynda

Brian explains a technical aspect of his picture.
The senior students learning fast.

Some of the results of the workshop


From the Open Day 20 March2019


The Group's first botanical demonstration - 1 August 2017


The Art Group under tuition on painting botanical specimens on 1 August 2017 by Debbie Devauden, Botanical Watercolourist.  Demonstration over, the members put it into practice.