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Our Members were active in lockdown
We are making use of Zoom with lectures. Where possible some groups are meeting safely. During the year  of lockdown we produced a monthly Newsletters, The Unsocial Times, with generous contributions of stories and puzzles etc from some members.  Past copies can be viewed from links on the News page. We have an interesting list of future talks.



Gilwern u3a for you?

When full time work comes to an end and the family has grown, then is a wonderful period of life with time to explore, learn, create and meet with like minded people.  It gives an opportunity to develop interests while sharing one's knowledge.

The canal at Gilwern offers much of interest to different groups in the u3a, eg environment, gardens, wildlife, walking, photography, art etc

Gilwern u3a Formed in 2016, Gilwern u3a welcomes new members and ideas for increasing the number of groups open to all. Latest news and programme.

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