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“A Painting that means something to you” was the title of a recent Creative Writing group topic. There were various works of art, all having special meanings for the writers, some they owned, and others they just admired.

One was so impressed with the cover of E M Forster’s “A room with a view” that she hunted until she found a print that she could hang in her room, forever reminding her of her college days. Then there was the picture, seen in a gallery, and purchased as a self-congratulatory present on achieving hard-earned professional qualifications.

Another special painting was a gift from a mother to her daughter, lifting her spirits when she needed it most, and one which still hangs in her bedroom. And what about the painting done in junior school of the interior view of a house, complete with ‘Coronation Street’ on the television, which won first prize in the Welsh National Eisteddfod. The writer now only possesses newspaper clippings of her prize presentation, because she never saw her actual painting again after handing it in.

And one painting that could never be in the writer’s possession is the subject of another emotive story. While all the other paintings are unknown to most, this one is extremely famous, and the writer was able to take a photo of it hanging in The Mauritshuis Musem in The Hague.

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