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Lockdown and self-distancing have forced us all to think of different ways to meet up and continue our friendships in u3a. It has even given rise to a new group – Creative Writing.

What is creative writing? The definition says “that it is any form of writing which is written with creativity in mind: poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. The purpose is to express something, whether it be feelings, thoughts or emotions.”

But where do you start? At the inaugural meeting, almost all members stated that in their working lives they had written reports – lots of them, but now this stunted their creative flare, and they needed something to allow them to let loose with their imaginations.

So they were set a topic.  All found it challenging and enjoyable.  Any Member can join.  Contact Kay Blackwell on newkaybee1806@aol.com.

At present we meet on a Thursday every other week at 10.30 am.

The April stories written by members of the Group.
Following on from their stories about
The Absinthe Drinker, If I was in charge of the world, and thirdly A poem.  and....


The latest work
One of the April challenges for the group was to continue a story that started like this:-
The morning after the vote, the Queen walked with head down around the palatial gardens in Buckingham Palace and considered what was effectively the ‘dissolution of the monarchy’.

A week after we received the challenge, the sad news reached us of the death of Prince Philip, but some stories had already been written by then that included him, so out of respect, we have decided that none of these stories would be archived on the Gilwern u3a website.

What sort of stories are they? One is in the present and very tongue-in-cheek, with the Queen left with the job of trying to find occupations for members of The Firm – very funny. Others took a time in the future, with future monarchs or consorts facing up to life without a monarchy and another found The Queen deciding whether or not she should take Donald Trump’s generous offer for Buckingham Palace!

Whatever views the writers took, the Gilwern Creative Writing Group is glad that they can no longer be sent to The Tower for High Treason.

The next challenge is slightly different in concept as one member submitted the beginning of story, and all have to add a further chapter before passing it on. Do you remember playing “Consequences” as a child, where you write a comment, fold down the paper and pass it on? Well, this is similar, with each Group member adding their bit to the story, so that hopefully after several weeks, all with have found an ending. They will create some fascinating stories between them.


New members of this friendly and lively group are always welcomed, just contact newkaybee1806@al.com and join in at 10.30am on 29th April.

Links to the works completed:

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If I were in charge of the world  Story A,  Story B,  Story C,  Story D

A poem  Poem A Poem B Poem C Poem D

One member starts a story & passes it to the next person to write the next chapter!  Ch 1,  Ch 2,  Ch 3,  Ch 4