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Gilwern u3a Creative Writing Group members lead the way!
Not only were Kay Blackwell and Lynda O'Keefe chosen to be among the top ten story writers in Wales, but Lynda made it to the top three, therefore receiving a prize. Here are all ten stories, Lynda's being: "Freedom Trip", and Kay's being "To go or not to go".  They can be read on wales-u3a-short-stories-2021.pdf (u3asites.org.uk)

The Creating Writing Group's stories for November are on the lower part of their page: Crystal Ball, and Little Red Riding Hood from the Wolf's point of view.

Another Group!  Bridge has started meeting again.  The contact is Hilary

Some members of the Gardens Group during their visit to Hergest Croft in October.  Further images on the Gardens page.

Invitation to help
u3a are carrying out a national members' survey, and we have all been invited to participate.  Here you go with the details: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/u3aStrategySurvey

Give u3a a few trees near Sugarloaf

A new woodland on the eastern side of Sugarloaf is being created.  It is a unique project by the Third Age Trust, but is also seen as supporting the Queen's Green Canopy to mark her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee.

It is hoped that many members of Gilwern u3a will support the project, £7.50 a tree.  Please contact Karen Harris, our Chair, on chair@gilwernu3a.co.uk       See: further details.

u3a On-line events
Some interesting topics from u3a Headquarters:  u3a.org.uk/events/educational-events

Afghanistan Refugees ‘Warm Welcome’
Gilwern u3a Committee discussed the topic of support for Afghanistan Refugees at the last meeting.
Abergavenny Town of Sanctuary have advised that donations such as clothes etc. are not required at the moment. Individuals are of course welcome to contribute financially to the various national charities supporting the refugees.
There is a collection of items such as toiletries, toothpaste etc. and these can be dropped off in a box at the end of the drive at the home of Jo Webb, 10 Belmont Crescent, Abergavenny NP7 5LF. We will keep in touch with AToS in case the situation changes.
FY1 Monmouthshire is a LA accepting refugees and apparently 1 family will be located in Abergavenny and 2 elsewhere in the County.

Anniversary Quilt
A note about the u3a competition can be found on the lower part of this reference.

Two members chosen for possibly winning award
Kay Blackwell and Lynda O'Keefe of the Creative Writing Group have both been shortlisted for the Welsh u3a short story award.  We shall hear the results in November.

Talks list for six months
The talks topics and dates are shown on the
Monthly Talks page, and include some interesting and crucial topics.  The October talk will include Zoom.  Thereafter will depend on the Covid situation.

Climate change and Ecological Crisis?  What's all the fuss about? 

This was a hybrid lecture by David Ramsden on 15 September.  One group heard him on Zoom, and at the same time those carefully spaced out in the Community Centre's main hall heard him on a large screen.  It displayed the depressing future unless human action to reduce CO2 is taken now by the whole world.  The dire consequences for us all were made crystal clear!

Table Tennis Group The group is starting on Thursday afternoons in the Village Hall 2 - 4pm.  Contact is Karen, our Chair.

Art Group brings fresh life to Community Centre

 The first completed board.  Guess where!  Also see where the walkers went (below)!

The Art Group is having a lot of constructive fun painting boards to decorate and brighten up the passage of the Community Centre.  There is much happy work and fun going on when they meet.  Any visitor wishing to see the action is advised to sport an apron!

Walking Group out and about

The long walkers have recently been in the Sugarloaf area

Instead of the Newsletter.
  Try some of the latest wonderful stories created by the Writing Group.  They are interesting and amusing.  Go to No 5 or No 6 near the bottom of their page. 

Family & Social History Group – new projects
The Group are planning to embark on two new ambitious projects in the coming months.
The first is to record the oral histories of elderly Gilwern residents who can provide a fascinating insight into how Gilwern has changed over time. The second will be to photograph and document the older graves at St Elli Church.
Both are large and exciting projects and as we are currently a small group we would welcome any new members who would like to be involved. Please contact the Group Leader, Linda Swanson swansonlm@aol.com 

The Bridge Group
The Group is unlikely to go ahead for the present.

Are you a Member?
If you are not a member of Gilwern u3a, and you would like to hear a talk please send an email asking to be included to membership@gilwernu3a.org.uk.  Members of other U3As who want to join in should also use that email address.

To use Zoom

To set up and use Zoom is very simple.  Here is an instruction produced by our Secretary on how to join and use Zoom.  There are also helpful videos such as this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w3Y_9FLgc4&app=desktop

To sign up for the u3a Headquarters Newsletter: a href="https://www.u3a.org.uk/newsletter" https://www.u3a.org.uk/newsletter

Names of canal bridges: How many do you know? https://canalplan.org.uk/waterway/pp9g
Some local u3a websites:
As a result of connections made with other local U3As it is now possible to attend each others' monthly meetings free of charge.  To find out what is on look at their web sites:

Abergavenny website: https://u3asites.org.uk/abergavenny/welcome
Crickhowell website:

Gilwern Roots: Here to help promote the village to help growth in all Community ideas and projects from seed to oaks! a href=https://www.facebook.com/pg/gilwernroots/about/?ref=page_internal

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