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Newsletter Number 20
Things have changed in recent months, no lockdown here and increasing freedom.  We shall probably be holding our monthly talks and meetings in the Community Centre, and there is much more freedom for members to get out and about.  So Newsletter Number 20 for July will be the last.  In the meantime Number 19 for June can be seen on the usual link below.

Gilwern U3A list of Talks on Zoom. 
If you have not tackled Zoom and heard and seen our talks, Lynda Somme-Dew is very willing to show you how to do it.  It's quite simple.  Lynda is very willing to help you on 831181.

Annual General Meeting 16 June 2021 will be held on Zoom, with, if possible, the number of permitted Members in the Community Centre at 2pm  followed by the lecture, The Land of Song.  It is intended to open the Zoom site at 1.45pm to give everyone a chance to see and possibly speak to one another.  The agenda and the combined documents are attached.

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Your latest Newsletter:  No 19 for June 2021
Please send material to:  David Hall at: webmaster@gilwernu3a.org.uk

All members carrying out group activities are asked to ensure that they have read and taken note of the "Personal Members' Check List" from the u3a Headquarters before participating in group activities.

Walking Group.  The dates of the Short Walks change to Thursdays (still the 2nd & 4th).  There are plans for two long walks: Crickhowell by river, and canal and possibly the iron works

The Creative Writing Group in action.  There is a report of their fourth meeting on their web page.  Perhaps you could join them.

Garden Group.  Things are heating up!  Dave and Anita have already been to a number of gardens, and we should be starting visits quite soon.  They point out that good safety precautions are being taken such as one way systems and spacing etc.  So news to come!

Art Challenge - May pictures
The u3a art group resumed their twice monthly meetings on May 18th after a long break because of COVID restrictions. Although the members were suitably spaced and masked, we still managed to create art and have a catch up. 

See the images by clicking on this image

Art Challenge - Lock down - open up!
The Art Challenge is taking place and is open to all members of Gilwern u3a. Have a go! 
"Here are the documents for the June challenge.  I thought as it was summer (!?), I'd go for something colourful and bright, so the theme is "Tropicana".  Hope you enjoy it more than the "Beautiful buildings", but well done to everyone who had a go and came up with some lovely results!" Lynda.

So the theme for the month of June is "Tropicana".  There are some important brief notes coming shortly for guidance, and some brainstorming ideas for a start.  Then there are lots of helpful and relevant video links .  The deadline for handing in work is 25 June to lyndaokeefe12@yahoo.com.   Sarah Hoddy, who judges our monthly challenge, and who chairs the Abergavenny Art Group, recommends this excellent link on learning new techniques:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLicphjZ4y8GoKtRnz_gLxw

Winner of the Art Challenge for May 2021
Tony Godfrey was chosen for May with her painting of St Davids Cathedral.  Sarah Hoddy, who chairs the Abergavenny Art Group, judged the paintings, and gave helpful and encouraging comments to all participants.....

Judge's Comments:

"Tony’s picture of St Davids cathedral sits well in the landscape of this picture. The lines of earth and hedge draw the eye to the building as do the two figures.

Shading is crisp and adds perspective. The hills behind remind us where this building is situated.  Capturing the brief well here Tony

Are you a Member?
If you are not a member of Gilwern u3a, and you would like to hear this talk please send an email asking to be included to membership@gilwernu3a.org.uk.  Members of other U3As who want to join in should also contact membership@gilwernu3a.orgouk

To use Zoom

To set up and use Zoom is very simple.  Here is an instruction produced by our Secretary on how to join and use Zoom.  There are also helpful videos such as this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w3Y_9FLgc4&app=desktop

Micellany Sketches by Mike Johnson
Many will be familiar with the sketches involving mice in most of the Newsletters.  Mike has now produced a book of them available on sale in the Road House Narrow Boats Gilwern.  Profits to charity.  Details by clicking on the image.


To sign up for the u3a Headquarters Newsletter:
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Names of canal bridges: How many do you know? https://canalplan.org.uk/waterway/pp9g

Art Group on display
Three or four paintings from members of the Art Group are on display in the library and will be replaced by others on a regular basis.  Some are sometimes for sale!

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As a result of connections made with other local U3As it is now possible to attend each others' monthly meetings free of charge.  To find out what is on look at their web sites:
Abergavenny website: https://u3asites.org.uk/abergavenny/welcome
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